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Dark Fear

Dark Fear

Genre: RPG/Adventure

Dark Fear is a retro-themed horror RPG/adventure game, which is visually inspired by the old Sierra classics. Accompanied by a beautifully composed cinematic soundtrack, Dark Fear combines gameplay mechanics from both RPG and classic adventure games in which the player must unravel a dark, chilling plot which is at the core of the game.

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Platforms: iOS Android

Release date: Q1 2015

My Talking Monkey Pal

My Talking Monkey Pal

Genre: Casual

Meet the ultimate virtual pet who actually talks back to you in his own language instead of just mimicking your voice. If you love the chattering and screaming of chimpanzees you're gonna love the way this little guy respond to your words. Watch him chatter, scream and go completely nuts depending on his temper and mood.

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Platforms: iOS Android

Release date: 2014

Anaksha Mini Adventures 3 Screenshot

Anaksha Mini Adventures 3

Genre: Adventure

The third game in the series will retain the retro feel with the charm and atmosphere of the old Sierra Online adventure titles. The game will include a larger screen size, more locations, bigger maps, a professionally scored soundtrack, side quests, and a professionally written story line spanning many hours of gameplay. The player will also have the ability to interact directly with Anaksha's cellphone to manage bonuses, personal data and quests.

Platforms: PC Mac

Release date: TBA

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