Dark Fear – Development Update #7

I know things have been quiet but that’s because I’ve been super busy sorting out the game’s scripts, which as you can see from the status bars is now 100% complete. So what does this mean? Well basically I now have a functioning version of the full game with crude placeholder line-art graphics. The game will be thoroughly tested to make sure it plays well from start to finish and to also make sure the RPG elements are balanced and fair.

The next step after that will be to draw and add the rest of the final graphics before adding all the sound/music (yes there’ll be screenshots posted from time to time here and on Twitter 😉 ).

Once all that’s done the game can be sent to the beta testers before we get round to everyone’s favourite stage of the games development process – the final release! :)

Stay tuned for updates, and if you have anything to say then feel free to add a comment below.

Dark Fear – Development Update #6

AppSpy have done an awesome hands-on video review of an early build of the Dark Fear demo.

Please note, the score in the game only goes up to 40 because that’s about as much content as is in the demo. Rest assured the final game will have a much higher score and a lot more features/content.

There is also no horror in the demo. This is because it was originally created to be showcased at two games conventions held last month and I felt a sense of responsibility given the fact there were children attending the events.

Anyway check out the video and please feel free to spread the link via Facebook and Twitter


Dark Fear – Development Update #5

Just to let you all know everything is going well with the development and nothing has stopped or slowed down (despite the lack of recent updates). As you can see from the progress bars I’m currently working on the game scripts which will basically give me a full alpha version of the game with placeholder graphics and no music or sound. Once this has been tested to a satisfactory level then the graphics, animations and the rest of the audio can go in before final beta testing and release.

Stay tuned!