Dark Fear – Development Update #3

It’s been a very busy week here. Dark Fear was showcased at both Ga Ma Yo and Platform Expos games conventions and the response was amazing! Despite the game only being a very limited demo (with a few bugs), everyone who played the game absolutely loved it and was very much absorbed by the game’s tense atmosphere, visuals and music. Some eagerly offered to playtest the final game while others exhausted all the available content (around 20-30 mins worth) and couldn’t wait for the final game to be released.

The feedback and suggestions from all this was extremely useful and a lot of it has been taken into account and added to the to-do list.

In the meanwhile, work continues. Keep an eye on this blog for updates and please feel free to leave a comment below.

Dark Fear – Development Update #2

Things have been going really well on this project. The demo is almost complete which allows you to play around 30 mins of the content (depending on how good you are). Within a week the game will be ready to show off to the crowds at this years Ga-Ma-Yo and Platform Expos, as well being handed out to a few early testers.

The game is currently undergoing audio updates with sound effects and music being added. Another important feature being added is a classic dialogue system which allows you to choose what you want to talk about with NPC’s. Before you’d just go along with whatever was being said but now the player will be given a choice of conversation topics.

That’s really all for now, until the next update.

If you have any comments, feedback please feel free to drop them below. Thanks!

Dark Fear – Development Update #1

Dark Fear - Nightshade Forest

Welcome to Nightshade Forest – hope you’re armed to the teeth and you’ve got a few health potions handy because you’re going to need them here!

So it’s been over a week since the game was announced and a lot has happened in such a short amout of time. Dark Fear has been getting some good attention and quite a bit of interest from gamers, developers, journalists and even publishers. The development of the game itself is going extremely well and all being well a playable demo will be ready in time to showcase at the Platform Expos event in Hull in two weeks time.

For those of you who haven’t seen the screenshots of the weapons smith and the armorer/tailor, here they are:

Dark Fear - Weapons Smith

Dark Fear - Weapons Smith

More updates will be coming soon so keep an eye out. And if you haven’t done so already, then please feel free to drop a ‘like’ on the official Dark Fear Facebook page which can be found here.