Announcing – Dark Fear


Arif Games are proud to announcing our first horror title which is being developed for iOS and Android devices.

Dark Fear is a unique game which combines game mechanics from both RPG games and classic adventure game. The concept is simple. The player starts with absolutely nothing and slowly begins unravelling the game bit by bit, during which they will discover many complex layers of gameplay and story line. These gentle unfolding mehcanics will allow both hardcore and novice gamers alike to experience the full-blown game with all its complex features.

The game’s visuals are heavily inspired by the old PC classics which used a 2:1 anamorphic pixel ratio (that’s a clever way of saying the pixels look like rectangles instead of squares!). The game also features a dark storyline which is accompanied by a cinematic soundtrack composed by film industry professionals.

You can visit the offical launch site and check out some screenshots of the game here

You can keep track of the game development progress at this blog or at the official Facebook page here (if you do check out the facebook page then please feel free to drop the page a ‘like’. We appreciate every one of them! :) )

Please note: Dark Fear is aimed at mature audiences as it contains frightening scenes and deals with the paranormal and the occult.