Announcing – My Talking Monkey Pal

Announcing a new revolutionary new mobile app currently in development. We’re pretty sure you’re aware of those talking virtual pets on the iPhone that repeat everything you say back to you in a high-pitched voice, right? Most people have seen them (or have them on their phone). So why release another one? Wouldn’t it just be another clone in the vast ocean of apps out there?


Let us start by saying, ‘My Talking Monkey Pal’ is different. When you talk to the cute animated character, he doesn’t just parrot your voice back to you – he actually responds in his OWN LANGUAGE which is created on the fly! Everything he says is unique and is generated according to actual chimpanzee speech patterns. His voice tonality and behavior changes according to his mood and temper which will keep you entertained for hours (if you like watching irritated monkeys throwing tantrums!)

Kids and adults alike will love this animated character chattering away as they talk to, feed and even annoy this lovable virtual pet.

The game will be free to download and will be released this year (2014) on iOS and Android. All progress will be posted on this blog.

The official website can be found here and the official Facebook page is here.

Stay tuned for more info!