Game Announcement – Naughty Pirate Kitty


Arif Games is proud to announce its next mobile game currently in development. Naughty Pirate Kitty will see players taking on the role of an adorable but mischievous wannabe-pirate feline who loves wreaking havoc and mayhem in order to get what he wants.

Set in a fictional Caribbean world, players will fight their way through hordes of pirates and sea monsters to rescue the kidnapped mousies of the land (and of course bag some pirate treasure along the way!).

Throw random objects at your enemies, set comical traps, throw bombs, stun them, knock them out, whack them with a wooden spoon if you like – however you choose to play the game, you are not alone. Along the way you will unlock special mousie friends, each with their own special strengths, who will help you on your journey.

“We’ve been working hard on a light-hearted touch-screen game that’s both visually striking and fun to play regardless of the player’s age. One of my many inspirations is Disney. So having a lovable protagonist wrapped up in an entertaining storyline was something I really wanted to give to players out there”, said Noreen Majothi, lead game designer of Naughty Pirate Kitty. “I’m a big believer in family entertainment and I’m deeply passionate about creating a gaming experience which can be loved and enjoyed by both adults and children alike“.

Alongside the main campaign, the game also features several mini-games which form part of the beautifully illustrated world the story is set in.

Naughty Pirate Kitty will be available on iOS/Android devices and is due for release around Q3/Q4 2014.

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